Friday, June 15, 2012

Slow-Cooker Texas Chili

Texas Slow Cooker Chili

People are constantly asking me for a recipe for a delicious slow cooker chili. Well here is one your sure to enjoy and I promise you that it really is delicious.

Slow Cooker Texas Chili Ingredients

1. Two And One Half Pounds Beef Chuck Roast Cut Into One Inch Cubes.

2. Two Tablespoons Brown Sugar.

3. One Tablespoon Ground Sea Salt.

4. Two Tablespoons Vegetable Oil.

5. Two Tablespoons Minced Fresh Garlic.

6. Two Four Ounce Cans Green Chilies

7. One Tablespoon Ground Cumin.

8. One Half Cup Chili Powder

9. One Fourteen Ounce Can Tomatoes With Chilies.

10. One Medium Sweet Onion Diced Fine.

Toss the beef cubes in a bowl with the brown sugar and the sea salt to coat it well and then brown it in batches in vegetable oil being sure to turn it over to get the beef browned on all sides.

When you put the last batch of beef into the skillet your browning the beef in add the garlic and the onion into the pan also.

Cook the last batch of beef and onions and garlic until the onions are done.

Now put all your ingredients into a large crock pot or slow cooker and set the temperature on high. Cook for six hours and at least three times while the chili is cooking stir the pot up from the bottom. If your chili gets to thick add a little beef broth at a time.

No there are no beans in this chili but you can add beans if you wish. If you do add beans I would add a 14-15 ounce can of kidney beans and wash them well before you add them to the chili.

I usually garnish this chili with sour cream, guacamole, and shredded Mexican Cheese. Serve it in a bowl on top of a small square of corn bread for a delicious chili people won't soon forget. CLICK HERE for a delicious cornbread recipe.